Our Philosophy

First and foremost, quality is paramount. We simply guarantee a perfect finish.

Second, our projects are clean. Every surface is properly masked with recycled paper and canvas drop-cloth. Total protection is ensured.

Third, we believe in a collaborative process to ensure your satisfaction. We will happily work with your interior designer, provide you with our own, or make an informed recommendation concerning color and wall covering. We hope for each project to become a customized experience tailoring our service to the needs of the client, be it with special scheduling or renovating the summer cottage out of town.

Finally, what separates us from other professional painting firms is our careful consideration of all aspects of the project pertaining to sustainability, the health of the client, as well as our staff. This includes attention to everything from paperless bidding via email to the H2 cleaning products by Shaklee that we use to prepare paintable surfaces. Naturally, all paints and finishes are free of VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) and meet the highest standards as monitored by the EPA.