Tatzu Nishi :Discovering Columbus

detail shot of Columbus

Last Thursday we took some time out of the studio to go check out Tatzu Nishi’s Dicover Columbus. Nishi known for recontextualizing monuments and architectural landmarks  in spaces that have included Luxurious Hotel rooms, Sparkling Bathrooms and in this case a Swanky NYC penthouse.

Tatzu Nishi:Discovering Columbus

first view of Columbus Photo: Tom Powell

Once inside the space, after a harrowing climb up the scaffold structure stairs( or elevator) you arrive at the door of Nishi’s  apartment. Inside the space which is comfortably designed with most creatures of comfort, with almost all the furnishings provided by Bloomingdale’s. You are first struck with the back view of Columbus situated on the center of a custom built coffee table. The 800 square foot space with 16 foot ceilings is gigantic compared most NYC apartments which are about 400 square feet. The wallpaper , slightly too cute pink-gold wallpaper here. Designed by Mr. Nishi, it features repeating images of American cultural figures or monuments, like Elvis Presley, the Empire State Building, Marilyn Monroe, a hot dog and, slightly more subversively, Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X.

Patron reading near lamp

detail of Nishi's wallpaper

You may note that the statue’s gaze, up close, is rather piercing, perhaps in an attempt to overcome its high perch, or you can consider the way weather and pollution have reduced the marble to something that looks like cast concrete. Or you may savor the views of Central Park and the assorted avenues or pick up a newspaper or magazine, as if waiting in a doctor’s office.

Columbus's view down 8th Avenue

Regardless, you’ll be experiencing an intimacy usually reserved for birds and art restorers. (After Mr. Nishi’s piece closes on Nov. 18, the structure will remain in place for a few months more, while the statue undergoes major conservation for the first time since 1991.) Tickets are free are free and time  to view the piece are available at The Public Art Fund website.

Thread Wall Installation

Thread Spool was as it appeared in the Kramer and Cope Pop Up Shop

Finished install at private residence

The Kramer and Cope Pop up Shop in Hudson this summer was a great success.  We are so pleased that our Thread Wall that was on display at the shop sold. Not only did it sell but the buyer wanted it to be installed as it appeared in the shop. The process was actually very simple we started by laying out the location of each spool.

Najee marking spool placement

Nick drilling screw into anchor

Then sinking anchors and 4inch screws in the wall of the marked locations. Finally we played around with the color placement and varied the length of thread from each spool. The resulting effect was a playful pop of color an added sense of life with the thread blowing in the breeze. Be sure to check out our wares and other antiques  at 592 Warren St. in Hudson, NY from 9/28-9/30 which will be the finale weekend of the Kramer and Cope Pop-up and Harvester Gallery.

Najee placing spool on wall

Final layout of Thread Wall installation

Detail of Thread Wall Installation

Harvester Gallery-Troy Moth: Nature Deficit Opening

Rachel takes a look at work after show is installed

Troy Moth whos work features birds of prey that hunt  for food primarily using keen sense. True “WILD”  horses of the american west, and 55 MILLION to 80 MILLION matriarchal mountains which need no retouching to enhance their beauty. Moth’s work has the ability to create a kinship with its viewer. Moth was born on the west coast Canada and spent the first few years of life in a tent guarded by large dogs. He became immersed in nature but it eventually became too much and moved to Toronto for a change of pace. He then traveled across the world to India to pursue a career in photography.

Troy Moth: Nature Deficit

Tory Moth: Nature Deficit curated by Rachel Mosler opened at the Harvester Gallery in Hudson, New York  September 2. During the recent opening several of his photos sold an were very well received by the motley cast of characters who attended. Green Painting has been involved preparing the gallery for the opening with Mosler.The exhibition will be on view weekends through September 29th at The Kramer and Cope Pop up shop and Harvester Gallery located at 542 Warren Street.

Gallery Detail Shots

detail of wares in Kramer & Cope Pop Up Shop

Paul Smith 5th ave Windows

Paul Smith 5th Ave.

Emrys paints in the windows at Paul Smith on 5th Ave.

A few weeks ago we had the pleasure of working with the visuals team at Paul Smith to do some restorative painting on their 5th ave original store front back drops. Emrys was on the job to skillfully painting the walls flanked by antique millwork. We hope that the next time your shopping you will take a moment to checkout the Paul Smith windows.

interior shot of the Paul Smith windows

Final look at paint work in the Paul Smith Windows (Farrow & Ball Stone Blue 86)

Paul Smith Fall/Winter 2012 windows

Finished window detail

Special thanks to the Entire Visuals team at Paul Smith as well as the super friendly staff in the 5th Ave shop. As always Farrow and Ball for producing a fantastic product.

Kramer & Cope + Harvester Gallery

Joe Parker designing the store's signage

Hudson is a sleepy little treasure trove of a town located in upstate New York only two hours drive away from Manhattan.

Interior shot of the K&C Pop-up

Detail of antiques for sale

Kramer & Cope + Harvester Gallery together is a POP-UP concept space located in the heart of the Hudson Valley. Kramer & Cope is a collaboration between designer and GP principal Nick Cope and organic farmer Everett Kramer. The two have come together to showcase a private collection of antiques and vintage pieces which are now available for purchase. Stickley furniture coupled with Tibetan and Chinese antiques creates a dynamic environment and eclectic blend of merchandise.

Gallery detail

work on display at Harvester Gallery

Harvester Gallery is the curatorial debut of Brooklyn based artist Rachel Mosler. The premier show, titled Alchemy, consists of paintings, photography and drawings inspired by memory, dream and psychological inquiry. According to the psychologist Carl Jung, “Alchemy, as a nature philosophy of great consideration in the Middle Ages, throws a bridge to the past, the gnosis, and also to the future, the modern psychology of the unconscious” The exhibit will feature work by 18 artists, some standouts are James Reeder, Symbols + Rituals, Louis Reith, Jeremy Miranda, Amber Ibarreche, Keren Richter and Troy Moth.

Something old and something older

threads and pots

So if you have not been to Hudson this Pop-up is a great excuse, Select items from the shop will also become available for purchase online in the coming future. Jimmy Pham also produced an amazing video so check out our digs via his Vimeo page. Special thanks for all those involved with making the idea a reality.

Nick Cope, Rachel Mosler and Everett Kramer (from left to right)

The space is located at 542 Warren Street in Hudson, NY and will be open on weekends from 12-6pm starting July 7th.

For information regarding Kramer & Cope please contact nick@nickcope.com

For information regarding Harvester Gallery please contact

Traditional Home Hampton Designer Showhouse Brush work Finished!!

Landscaping completed!!

We have officially finished up our part on the Katie Leede bedroom at the Traditional Home Hampton Designer Showhouse.The Hampton Designer Showhouse Foundation, Inc. is led and operated by a dynamic team of experts from the worlds of marketing, public relations, fundraising and special events production. This is the twelfth year that they have combined their talents to produce what is now recognized as one of the country’s most successful showhouses.

Nick uses a level to perfect each stripe

Nick uses a "hot dog" or mini roller to paint each stripe

The better part of the day was spent laying out, painting and touching up the decorative stripes in Leede’s bathroom. After the days work was completed we had a wonderful dinner at Pierre’s. Pierre’s is what The Ivy is to LA it is the place to see and be seen and of course refuel. We are looking forward to seeing how everything comes together the Opening Gala is on July 21 for more information checkout the Traditional Homes website.

Nick completes some final touch ups to the bedroom walls

Salade rafraichissante Haricot vert, tomato, asparagus and red radish served with a yogurt lemon dressing At Pierre's in Bridgehampton.

Traditional Home presents The Hamptons Designer Showhouse

Detail Shot of The Traditional Homes Hamptons Designer ShowHouse

Its officially summer so that means its time to escape the concrete jungle for a humble or not so humble Hamptons get away.

Traditional Home has gathered some of the biggest names in Interior Design to design spaces in this cavernous beach lodge. Including Katie Leede who has enlisted us to do the brush work on her spaces. We are currently hard at work in the Hamptons to meet the fast approaching deadline. Be sure to check our Facebook, Twitter and, Instagram for at the moment updates.

Emrys and Nick painting the first coat

Photo Finish at Kings County Distillery

Here is a look at the finished work at Kings County Distillery Photography by Jimmy Pham

The plaster and paint have finally dried and the custom millwork by Nathan the carpenter is installed – they are now ready to showcase the perfectly distilled bottles of whiskey, for whom else but Kings County Distillery.

This was our first time working with brothers Oliver and Evan Haslegrave who put the O and E in Brooklyn based design firm, hOmE. Known for its interiors, furniture and, lighting the brothers have designed and developed some of the most thoughtful commercial projects NYC has seen. Some projects include donna (Williamsburg), goat town (East Village) and manhattan inn (Greenpoint) just to name a few.

The KCD project is located in the Brooklyn Navy Yard in the former paymaster’s building. The space was truly a diamond in the rough, its true beauty can now be seen with such clarity but all stones have their clouds. In this case the plaster ceiling was for many years hidden by a much less attractive drop acoustic tile ceiling in certain rooms. Much of what was revealed after the removal of this first layer was in utter disrepair.

Restoration of the walls and ceiling moved very quickly despite the several days of unusually humid weather that made it tough for plaster work to continue. Even the now exposed pipes just below the ceiling got a fresh coat of paint Farrow and Ball’s Hague Blue to be exact.

Be sure to check out the Kings County Distillery website for Distillery Tours which allows you to not only checkout their new digs but taste their amazing whiskey. Special thanks to everyone involved in this project.

LA Farrow&Ball Event

pots ready to be painted!

I recently took a trip out to the west coast, to give a talk at the LA Farrow&Ball showroom. Its always nice to connect with clients and introduce new techniques an applications for the fantastic range of products that F&B has to offer. This time around we painted flower pots and demonstrated easy techniques for painting stripes. Special thanks to the staff and all who participated.

Stripes being applied to surface with a roller.