DIY Project: Painted Glass Vessels

Recycling is great and all but sometimes it’s great to repurpose and grant things a second life. Glass bottles are items that come and go rather frequently but make for perfect bud vases, decanters, and prisms.

Rescue those glass vessels and give them new life!

For this DIY, start by collecting those glass bottles and jars that you have been meaning to recycle. The more they vary the better. Farrow&Ball‘s color palette is perfect for this project as you can get sample pots of any color in their wonderful range. Color selection could be based on your current interior scheme or something to contrast and accent.

We suggest selecting a bright fun color for this project

Root Beer Bottles painted on the exterior

There are two ways to go about the painting process – the first is simply brushing the outside, which will give more of a textured appearance. Alternatively, we suggest pouring paint in the vessel then swirling it around to coat the interior. This allows you the use a little paint as possible and also the ability to reuse the excess. The end result is a glossy bit of interest that resembles enameled glass. Have fun with this one, the uses for your fun assortment is endless! Please post your work to the Green Painting Facebook Page. The first do so wins a GP Painting Kit, which includes a GP brush, .

Painted glass almost looks like enameled glass

To order sample pots from Farrow&Ball checkout their website or pop into a showroom near you!

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