Wrapper’s Delight- Holiday Gift Wrapping

Some tool that you will need for this project

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!! Well that is certainly the idea, calendars are jam packed with holiday related dinners, shindigs, soriees, get-togethers, and marathon shopping sessions. Just when you think your all set,because you managed to get everyone on your holiday list (including the barista who has committed your order to memory) all while avoiding total bankruptcy. The last possible thing to do before you say “HO HO HO” is spend several hours perfectly wrapping gifts that will rival those that some spend double the value of the gift inside to get the reaction. Oh its just so lovely I can’t imagine opening it. We at Green Painting feel like less is more when it comes to gift wrapping.

Try using both sides of your paper to add variation

We suggest you avoid spending major coins on fancy paper and use old news papers, butcher’s paper or leftover rolls of wallpaper. This year we just picked up some basic kraft package paper as well as printed kraft paper which you can find almost anywhere. Forget those silly plastic ribbons that fall off with a slight breeze and opt for some humble twine, rope, string and stickers. Most of these supplies you either have but if you do venture out to purchase them go to a Office Supplies store as they are generally priced affordably.

We love this black string with a bit of shine from Knot and Bow

Get creative with stacking your packages

Our gifts are ready to be received!!

Finally take your time,that is if you have any left. The best part about the holidays is taking the time out to consider those that have had a positive impact on you during the course of the year. Keep your schemes simple maybe 3 or 4 variations max. When those gifts are seen under the tree or stacked in a sea of glittery, stripped, lame boxes they will literally shine with elegant understatement. Check out Brooklyn based brand Knot and Bow for some cooler colors in the package store classics! Happy Holidays!!!

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