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Festool products test drive workshop

A few weeks ago we took a visit to the Festool showroom to have a closer look and even test some of the best tools for working wood. In 1929, when Albert Fezer and Gottlieb Stoll developed the first portable chainsaw, little did they know that, nearly 80 years later, the company they founded would be an industry leader, designing and developing superior portable power tools for the way tradesmen work.Festool has a reputation for developing products that eliminate or combine steps, tighten tolerances, improve accuracy, and help tradesmen deliver a superior finished product. Festool products are  produced in WendlingenGermany, basically the BMW of power tools. Festool was established as an independent company in 2000, after being spun off from its parent company Festo which was concentrating on automation technology.

The real innovation lies in how well their systems extract dust from the work area as well as stow away when the day is done. Their product range includes everything from the necessary drill to the innovative drywall sander. In Brooklyn, at Tools for Wood Working Emrys got to test out some of the products which even have special ergonomic considerations which make them not only easy to use but, comfortable. So with the Holidays rapidly approaching make the builder in your life smile as much as Emrys did when he gave the sander  a spin. We certainly have added a few things to our wish list!

Emrys takes the dust-free Sander for a spin

Festool is stocked by many specialty hardware dealers worldwide. Visit for more information and stockst in your area.

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