Merry Bunting

Bunting the perfect wallpaper D.I.Y.

Bunting was originally a specific type of lightweight worsted wool fabric generically known as tammy, manufactured from the turn of the 17th century, and used for making ribbons and flags including signal flasgs for the Royal Navy. Amongst other properties that made the fabric suitable for ribbons and flags was its high glaze, achieved by a process including hot-pressing.

Vary your selection for a fun mix of pattern!

Now this piece of nostalgia has found a home at festivals, carnivals and parties to signal fun is afoot. Farrow&Ball recently released 10 ways with wallpaper,perfect for your wekend or afternoon DIY project.

Bunting is second on their list of options which is perhaps the best because it actually creates an object that can be enjoyed year round or just occasionally.

It super easy and most of the materials needed you most likely have around the house. Check out the Farrow&Ball wall paper 10 ways for some fun D.I.Y. ideas, Merry Bunting!!

Bunting adds spice to any party!!

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