Full Service Interior Painting
Green Painting offers a unique service. We are a New York-based team of craftsmen dedicated to the highest degree of quality and service, paying special attention to the health affects and environmental impact of each project. Actively researching and testing the latest eco-friendly technologies, we ensure that the paints, finishes, and adhesives used are all zero-VOC* and that our cleaning supplies meet the highest standards to mitigate exposure to environmental toxins. We practice smart recycling techniques to reduce waste often associated with contracting projects, which in turn benefits our environment. Additionally, as a creative independent agency, we are able to provide customized services including creative finishes, mural, Venetian marble and other textural surfaces.

By selecting a Green Painting project you will limit exposure to harmful petrochemicals while achieving the highest degree of professionalism and excellence.

We are aiming to achieve carbon neutrality in 2011 by offsetting the CO2 generated by our company, using carbon credits. For more information on this topic, click here: www.carbonfund.org


*VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) in paints and finishes is released for 8 years after application. This process, known as ‘off-gassing’ is considered by the EPA to contribute to the fact that indoor air is three times more polluted than outdoor air and is one of the top 5 hazards to human health.